Monetize With Blog Advertising

As more and more people look to the Internet to purchase the items the want and need, website business owners must concentrate their efforts on getting these people to their website. While there are a variety of various strategies they can use, many website owners are choosing to use blogging as a means to secure the traffic. Once you learn how to monetize with blog advertising, you will find the results will make you want to continue with it.

The key to blog advertising is to market your blog, as well. You can do this in the same way that you would advertise your website. Making use of discussion groups, forums, and other social networking sites will direct the traffic to your blog. Your blog will then lead them to your business website. Spend just an hour each day on the marketing of your blog and your business will get the results you desire.

Part of what can make your blog so successful is that it is a great way to offer excellent customer service to your clients. Information about products or services that you provide will keep your traffic coming back for more. However, if you are going to create a blog about your website business, you must make certain you update it frequently or you will lose your traffic.

While the ultimate goal is to get more traffic to your site with visitors to your blog, you may also want to consider making money off your blog in another way. If you find that you are getting the traffic, you may want to consider joining an ad revenue program to earn more money. This will help you to earn money whenever someone clicks on one of the ads that is placed on your blog.

The business owner who fails to create a blog for their business is missing out on several things. First of all, they are missing out on a lot of potential traffic, which means they are missing out on a lot of potential sales. Second, they are missing out on the opportunity to make more money from an ad revenue program. What this means is that they are missing out on the opportunity to make money by blog advertising and unless you are willing to give up these things, you’ll get your own blog started soon.

Blog Advertising – 6 Strategies to Find Blog Advertisers

One of the ways to monetize your blog is by accepting blog advertising from other advertisers, such as accepting text-based or banner advertising. However, no matter which kind of advertising method you are going to choose, the first thing is to find advertisers who want to place ads on your blog. Here are 6 ways that you can use to find blog advertisers.

Mark clearly the ad space you accept advertisement

Instead of leaving blank on space that you accept advertising, you can state clearly that those spaces are “for sale”. For example, you can simply create an “Advertise here” or “Your ad here” image and place it to the place that you accept advertisement.

You should make those spaces clickable. When someone clicks on the space, they will arrive on a page that shows clearly on how to advertise here. In other words, you need to create a specific page that is solely for listing all the price, terms and conditions for different advertising space. Remember to add a contact form or an email address that allow people to contact you directl

Actively find blog advertiser

Other than passively placing available ad space, it is also possible to find people who are interested in blog advertising actively. By doing that, you are able to choose and accept advertisers that you like most. So if you want to approach those blog advertisers, in your email letter you should give:

  • A simple introduction on yourself
  • Briefly explain why you are contacting them
  • Shortly Explain why you need their sponsors or ads
  • Concise explanation on the benefits of advertising on your blog
  • Include details on your price, terms and other information on advertising on your blog
  • Also include details on what you site is about, your target audience and the amount of traffic you got per month, etc.

Offer Sponsorship

Blog sponsorships are continuously becoming a trend online. It is because an increasing number of businesses have noticed the power of blog as an extension of their marketing campaign. Under blog sponsorship, you are going to work closely with your advertiser and actively promote their product and service in your blog post. Moreover, your blog will also carry advertiser’s brand name and company logo.

By the way, you can close a sponsorship deal by separating a section on your blog that is solely for promoting your sponsored product. Such kind of blog advertising works very well if your blog is already very popular and has a lot of visitors who comes to your site regularly.

Keyword Research

Another way to find blog advertising opportunities is by using keyword research. Keyword research is not only for affiliate marketing but also it can be used in finding blog advertisers. Here is the process:

  1. Start by doing a search based on the main keyword you art currently targeting in your blog.
  2. See if there are any ads that is currently posted under this keyword, if yes, find out those companies based on the web site URL.
  3. Contact them and see if they are interested in advertising on your blog.

Link exchange

Other blogs that exchange links with you before may be also a potential advertiser. It is because if they find your blog and exchange links with you, chances are that they find your blog that is full of potential so that they want to exchange link with you. Therefore, you can send them an email and ask if they are interested in posting ads to your blog.

Leverage people who leave a message to your blog

The next method to find people who are interested in blog advertising is that, you can offer your ad space to people who left a comment or message to you before. Those people may be interested in posting their ads on your blog.

Where To Do Free And Paid Advertising For Long Term Success

I started out doing mostly free advertising. After doing Internet marketing for several years I understand the importance of spending money on advertising as well.

I try to get a balance in my online advertising mix now that I have been an Internet marketer for several years. There are benefits to doing both paid advertising and free advertising as well!

Free advertising provides you with many long term traffic benefits.

1. Article marketing is great for this because your articles can be archived online and create backlinks that stay there for many years.

This is a good form of free advertising because you can write and submit your own articles. Anyone can become an article writer by mastering a handful of basic techniques.

2. Email marketing is another proven strategy for marketing online. As you build your list you can contact people via email and this does not cost you anything except the time to write the message.

You will spend around $20 a month for your autoresponder. Once you get a list of thousands of people your monthly cost may go up a little.

Another strategy that works well is to do ezine advertising. Many Internet marketers offer you a chance to promote to their large list of email subscribers. HBAds has a program where you can reach over 2 million opt in email subscribers via ezine advertising for less than $30.

Paid advertising is good for getting immediate traffic!

3. Pay per click advertising. This is the quickest way to take your targeted keyword phrases and get on page 1 of the top search engines.

Google AdWords dominates this form of advertising, but Yahoo Marketing has some excellent pricing and the quality of traffic is very good as well. is a good source for learning about PPC advertising and finding some excellent buys.

4. Social media can be done with both free and paid advertising. Blogging is free to do.

Purchasing ads on Facebook is becoming a very popular Internet marketing strategy because of the millions of people who are on Facebook every day.

I like article video marketing. Article Video Robot is an easy way to develop a video from an article. You can even submit your video to numerous online shared video sites including YouTube.

You will have to determine how you are going to promote your products and services online. In the end you will want to get a balance of free and paid advertising to help achieve the best results for the money and time you are spending.

Traffic Building – Tactics to Increase Blog Traffic

Optimization of corporate blogs has become very important in recent years. In order to increase blog traffic one has to choose a right blog software that can be a custom built one. There are websites available that help in choosing good blog software. One should host the blog in one’s own domain. Hosting it on another domain is a big mistake. One has to write title tags keeping in mind two types of people. The first kind is those who visit the site while the other is those who have subscription to the feed. The creator of the blogs should get his blog to participate in related forums and blogs. It is highly recommended that one have tag right on his page.

Blogs should receive comments. Those blogs that receive no comment on every post seem so unpopular, empty and dead. There are many websites that offer help on how to popularize a blog. One should try to make his or her blog unique and different from everyone else otherwise it fails to catch attention. One should link one’s blog intelligently so that it can be easily accessed though various places. This is an effective way to increase blog traffic.

One should try to invite guest bloggers to contribute to the blog. This also helps to increase blog traffic. One should select proper advertisement in his/her blogs. The blog should not be over crowded with advertisements or senseless advertisements. Blog must not contain only pages and pages of text. One should at regular intervals post a picture; otherwise it will become boring and monotonous for the readers. One should cover all the relevant topics in the blog. Using human voice can attract more people to the blog as listening is much easier then going through the blog. Brand building is an important aspect in blogging. These are the basic tips that can be followed to make one’s blog a success.