How to Advertise Blogs – Part One – Easy and Simple Ways to Advertise Your Blog For Free

How to advertise a blog can be confusing at best and a nightmare at worst. I’ve been hearing a lot of horror stories about people actually paying hundreds of dollars to get traffic to their blog with little or no success. Here are three simple steps you can take to advertise your blog for free and get more traffic without breaking the bank.

1 — Forum Marketing

You need to look for forums in your niche and join them. After you join, add an attractive signature link to your profile that points back to your blog. Once you have that in place, join the conversation. Help people out. Answer questions that you know the answer to. In other words, begin to build relationships. Allocate your time wisely, however, because forum marketing is addicting.

2 — Social Messaging

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase. Social messaging services like Friendfeed and Plurk are automated tools that will send your actual blog posts to your social bookmarking sites (Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon, HubPages, Squidoo, etc.). Join a couple of these social messaging services and you will save a bunch of time. Create some buzz in your target market by sharing up the great content. Remember to link all those pages back to your main blog. Important — don’t get too caught up in doing this sort of thing because you’ll wind up spending hours trying to get it right. Just get it going.

3 — Internal Linking

This simple and quick method of how to advertise a blog is highly overlooked. Listen carefully. Every single time you create a blog post, I want you to fire up another browser tab with your blog site on it. Now examine your blog pages, posts, categories, tags, etc. Find an existing place (another post or page) on your blog to link back to. Now, go back to the post you just wrote and add a hyper-texted link into that post that you just wrote that links back to your own blog. You got that. If not, then read it again. This is a very simple, yet overlook way to advertise blog for free and build backlinks.

I’ve just explained three simple, yet effective, ways to advertise you blog for free. There’s forum marketing that can be quite fun. Social messaging adds automation so that every time you post content to your blog it will be shared on your social bookmarking sites without any further effort. And lastly, the internal linking strategy I learned from one of my internet marketing guru friends. I invite you to use these easy techniques to begin advertising blog.

Creating an Advertising Blog – Professional Copywriting of Comments For Blogs

Blogging has existed for a long time. First seen on the earliest web sites, blogging was a new way to discuss daily activities and daily thoughts. Personal blogs were an extension of the traditional diary. What was once private became public.

Today, blogs are more popular than ever for more than just personal reasons. As a way to market products and services, an advertising blog is one of the best ways to promote and gain customers. However, in order for an advertising blog to be effective, the content must be done right.

To market your blog you must update it frequently and you must include content that is interesting, attractive and fresh. In addition, the content must be search engine optimized.

If that sounds like a huge undertaking, it doesn’t have to be. Copywriting for a web site can be accomplished with the appropriate ghostwriting service. The best service knows how to produce effective content for your blog that you can call your own.

There’s no law that says you have to write content for your advertising blog yourself. In addition, unless you have the skills to create the best articles, it is advised that you don’t write the content yourself.
Many ghostwriting services are expensive, but you can hire an affordable service that can accomplish the copywriting for your web site. This is a service that will understand the proper length of an effective blog post and that will understand how to make the post search engine optimized.

What is one way to know that your blog content is effective? See where it ranks on major search engines. The closer your content is on page one of a major search engine, the better. What’s another way to determine if your blog content is effective? Comments for blogs are a good way to see how popular your blog is.

Blogs should have comment sections, and if these blogs have been search engine optimized, the amount of comments for the blogs will be impressive. Every blog owner’s goal, particularly those with a product or service, is to be a popular blog with many comments left by satisfied consumers. can accomplish copywriting for your web site that puts your site in the most effective position to be competitive in today’s web market. They not only offer quality articles for your advertising blog, but they offer them at a price you can afford.

Get Free Traffic Through Free Advertisement Blog

Search Engine is the best resource to get free traffic to a website. Similarly, Search Engines also love Blogs as much as they love Content Websites. Most of us are aware that, as far as Search Engines are concerned,’Content is the King’. So, periodical update to the contents placed in a website makes the Search Engine crawl it regularly and enhance your Page Rank. Whereas, submitting websites to Search Engines is always a difficult task. As far as Blogs are concerned, there is always an update of the content since the Blog users are relevantly commenting upon the Blog Posts. Thus, Search Engines consider them as relevant updates and Index the Blogs. Also, Submitting a Blog is an easy task it can also be automated through the use of some pinging systems, which are often free submissions. Taking care to post keywords in the title of your Blogs can rank your Blog higher in Search Engine results.

These are all age old facts, everybody know. Then what am I going to tell you new?

Normally, Traffic is driven to the Content Websites through Pay-per-Click Ads on Search Networks and Content Networks. The costs for such advertisement are huge sums of money. The purpose of Advertisement is only to get quality traffic. However, whether such traffic receive do really convert into sales, is not for sure.

I explained that getting indexed by Search Engines is easier for Blogs than for Websites. So, placing an advertisement in a Blog could cut down your advertisement costs. I am introducing you to a Blog where Advertisements can be placed, free of cost.

Many people may think or would look at this as a no brainy stuff. Many others may not like the method of advertising in the blogs. But this is a service which is free to join and can get herds of traffic driven to your sites in just a few days for posting a simple and only a single ad at the blogs homepage.

So, what I say to conclude is that we are not going to lose any money for posting an ad in this blog and if all works well you will find much difference in the number of unique visitors you get into your site after advertisement in this blog.